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Rianne over haar tekeningen

Change of season

I liked the idea of having the seasons be connected to each other, and decided to have this be visible in the background. Laid out next to each other, there is a clear change of color according to the type of season. The colder seasons have colder colors, where the warmer seasons are marked by brighter, earthlier tints. Since the illustrations will be printed, I decided to make them seem part of the paper. Towards the edges, the images gradually turn to white, in the style of characteristics of the regent of the season, or in the style of the season itself. It is as if the foremost piece of the illustrations is a slice of paper, cut up. The background color shines through subtly in the middle, but becomes less visible as the border comes closer. I wanted to avoid a hard edge where the image ends and the paper begins, and believe I've succeeded in that goal.

Rianne Put - de Boer De kristallen van deIJskoningin, het begin van een modern sprookje